Your Eye Examination

Optyco offers the very best in Eye Care.

During your experience the following tests with be conducted and analysed by a specialist optometrist and your Eye Examination includes:

  • History and symptoms – establish your needs.
  • Retinoscopy refraction – light rays analysed to work out your prescription.
  • Subjective refraction – refining your optical prescription.
  • Cycloplegic refraction – monitoring the stability of your prescription.
  • Intra ocular pressure – checking for glaucoma.
  • Keratometry – measuring your corneal curvature.
  • Corneal Topography – analysing the corneal integrity.
  • Visual fields – examining your peripheral vision.
  • Fixation disparity – measuring any muscle imbalance.
  • Ophthalmoscopy – looking at any eye disease.
  • Volk lens fundus examination – binocular examination for health of the inside of the eyes.
  • Corneal pachymetry – thickness of your cornea.
  • Tears and dry eye assessment – looking at dry eye disease.
  • Amplitude of accommodation – measuring your focus ability.
  • Near vision assessment.
  • Colour vision assessment.
  • Stereopsis – ability to see in 3-D.
  • Slit lamp examination – binocular examination of your retina and optic nerve head.
  • Van Herricks technique – assessment of your eyes anterior chamber depth.
  • Gonisoscopy – assessment of the angle used to drain pressures.
  • Goldman applanation tonometry – gold standard of measuring your intra ocular pressure.

Your Eye Examination is very important especially to us at Optyco

Optyco believe in taking the time to thoroughly check your eyes as your eye health is important to us and to you.   We provide you will all the information you need to keep those important eye healthy.


Optyco offer a number of eye care services including Laser Eye Surgery, see here for our Laser Eye Treatments.

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