About Our Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

Optyco Laser Eye Surgery Clinic was established with the intention of providing patients with unbiased advice. Optyco also offer the best Laser Eye Surgery Treatments in the UK.  We only work with fully experienced and trusted opticians from local communities.  These opticians are able to offer detailed specialist advice on all Laser Eye Surgery procedures.  We tailor our Laser Eye Surgery treatments to your individual requirements.  A single consultation is sufficient to provide you with an impartial professional recommendation and a detailed management plan.  Your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure is suited to you and your needs following your consultation.  You will also be advised of all potential Laser Eye Surgery Risks however small at your laser eye surgery clinic.

We specialise in Laser Eye Surgery in the heart of Leicester city centre.  Our team of specialist eye surgeons are qualified medical practitioners who have specialised in Ophthalmology.  Many of these practitioners continue to work within other fields of eye surgery.  All our surgeons are both NHS and private healthcare approved surgeons.  We can provide you with Laser Eye Surgery, with the best quality and care.  We also provide Laser Eye Surgery at affordable prices and the best Laser Eye Surgery Procedures available.

laser eye surgery based in Leicester

They are all registered with the General Medical Council.   Most are Fellows or Members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (FRCOphth or MRCOphth).  Or Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS).  The medical team at Laser Vision Clinic prides itself with over 100 years of combined experience between the team members.  This includes experience of over 200,000 surgeries.

A visit to a specialist Eye Laser Surgery provider may sadly often result in a biased recommendation.  This may favour surgical procedures where alternative treatments might be more appropriate.  At Optyco laser eye surgery clinic you can rest assured, that our group of optometrists in your area will only provide you with honest and completely impartial advice.  Our group of the most experienced and trusted local community optometrists operate in your area.  We will suggest laser eye surgery treatments that are best suited your your individual requirements.    Even if it is Laser Eye Surgery you do not need, you will be advised of this.

Optyco laser eye surgery clinic does not employ any sales teams and instead all patients communicate directly with their very own optometrists and refractive surgeons.  This allows us to offer you high quality unbiased advice, better communication, and superb customer service.  We will answer all your questions about Laser Eye Surgery and potential Laser Eye Surgery Risks that might be involved.

At our laser eye surgery clinic, in Leicester City Centre, we offer a free consultation to confirm you suitability. Your Laser Eye Surgery Treatments would be carried out on premises at our Care Quality Commission regulated Eye hospital.  Simply book a free consultation with your local eye specialist for your Laser Eye Surgery Procedures.  This specialist will perform a series of examinations and measurements to provide you with the best advice.  We then appraise you of the Laser Eye Surgery Risks and a clinical recommendation.  If you are suitable for laser vision correction, your optometrist will arrange a surgery day for you.  This will be in one of our many surgery centres throughout the UK.

All post-operative aftercare is provided by your local community optometrist totally free of charge after your Laser Eye Surgery.  Our Laser Eye Surgery Treatments are tailored to suit you and your individual needs.  At Optyco Laser Eye Clinic you will be advised of all potential Laser Eye Surgery Risks however small.  We believe our patients should have all the information they need prior to Laser Eye Surgery.  You will also be provided with detailed all inclusive Laser Eye Surgery Costs before you undertake any procedure.

About Our Opticians In Leicester

Optyco is an innovative and modern company.  We are the best source for contemporary designer eyewear.  We offer an extensive selection of the world’s most fashionable names in glasses. Optyco aim to ensure that we can offer you the finest pair of designer glasses at the best price.  We provide the best unbiased eyewear advice and guidance.  Or if you prefer we offer Laser Eye Surgery advice.

At Optyco we visit several exhibitions throughout the year in Milan, Paris and Berlin.  This way we ensure we can offer the most current styles in an ever changing fashionable market.

We have an excellent team offering an exceptional level of expertise, professionalism and care for our customers. When you leave our Opticians, you will have a stylish new look which defines confidence, personality and finesse.

full eye tests available at our laser eye surgery clinicWe offer a thorough eye test of the highest standard by our specialist Optometrists for both our NHS and private patients.  We also offer a wide selection of free frames for children.  So book in today and benefit from the Optyco experience.

Optyco offers a unique service by providing you direct advice from eye consultants at Leicester royal infirmary.  These consultants specialize in medical retina, cornea, glaucoma, uvea and orbital surgery.

Our lead optometrist is also a senior hospital Optometrist specializing in glaucoma, paediatric optometry and contact lenses.  He also specialises in refractive surgery including laser eye surgery,  intraocular surgery and cataract surgery.  There have been thousands of post operative assessments already performed.  We work closely with world leaders and proffessors in eye surgery and trained at the world famous Harley Street.  This way we can bring you the expertise and experience to our very own Leicester Clinic!

We believe our Laser Eye Surgery Clinic is second to none.

Under one roof you can get medical expertise you need. Whether it is Laser Eye Surgery, advice on your Laser Eye Surgery Treatments or Laser Eye Surgery Risks.  You can also get a new pair of glasses from the country’s leaders in eye care.  So why not book today and get a real eye test!

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