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Optyco is an accredited Technolas Perfect Vision Centre of Excellence, offering the most advanced Zyoptix technology to deliver bespoke treatments for each patient and achieving superior quality of vision compared to standard LASIK treatment offered at other clinics. We offer the most advanced Laser Eye Surgery Technology.

Advanced Wavefront Technology

The Orbscan llz and Zywave Aberrometer utilised at Optyco work together to generate a unique personalised treatment. The laser accepts different maps taken from each eye to generate a truly personalised treatment profile using your individual higher order aberrations. This personalised treatment profile gives you an enhanced clarity to what you currently see with your glasses or contact lenses.  Optyco think it is important to have the Laser Eye Surgery Technology fully explained to each patient and therefore take the time and care to do this.

Benefits of wavefront treatment are:

  • Less corneal tissue is removed during treatment reducing the chances of compromising the corneal structure,
  • Achieve a higher quality of vision than with standard LASIK.
  • Quicker recovery time.

Optyco use the the most advanced Zyoptix treatment to date, giving you the very best results in Laser Eye Surgery.

During the free consultation the ZDW workstation will measure your specific aberrations and a consultant will explain the outcomes of your examination.

Zyoptix 100 customised LASIK Laser Vision Correction- Laser Eye Surgery Technology

Optyco believe in explaining everything to customers from Laser Eye Surgery Technology to Laser Eye Surgery Procedures and even Laser Eye Surgery Risks, nothing is hidden from you before you make this life changing decision.

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