Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Laser Eye Surgery Risks can occur, due to a number of factors such as patient’s age or general state of health.  Some patients may occasionally develop potential side effects following their laser eye surgery procedure. These are usually only minor in nature, however we feel it is important our patients are aware of even the smallest Laser Eye Surgery Risks involved.

Each eye heals differently and it is not always possible to predict the healing process in every single case.  Although most patients are totally satisfied with the results of their refractive surgery, each patient needs to take into consideration possible Laser Eye Surgery Risks involved.   Patients need to weigh up the pros and cons before making their decision about laser eye surgery.

All potential Laser Eye Surgery Risks are very small (less than 1%) and the possible complications are usually minor.  Examples of complications such as dry eye or night glare.  So far no long term effects have ever been reported.

Individual risks of laser eye surgery will be discussed with patients prior to the procedure.  Thorough pre-operative screening and testing we ensure that you are considered unsuitable only when it is medically advisable.

Are There Any Side Effects following Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery has been shown to be safe and effective and no long-term adverse effects have been identified. However, as with any surgery, certain complications are also possible in the case of laser eye surgery.  You will be made aware of these potential Laser Eye Surgery Risks prior to your treatment.

Post-operative Pain

With surface treatment (LASEK) pain may occur on the first post-operative day.  However the effects can be reduced significantly with tablets and soothing drops which will all be provided for you.  The chance of experiencing post-operative pain or discomfort with the LASIK procedure is minimal.  Your eyes may be a little watery and glare sensitive for the initial post-operative period.

Delayed Epithelial Healing

The surface epithelium is removed just prior to the LASEK procedure.  It usually heals in two to three days but occassionaly there may be a delay in this process.   Although a rare Laser Eye Surgery Risk, potential patients needs to be aware of it.

Light Sensitivity

This is not usually a significant complication.  Sunglasses are recommended to be worn during the healing period to prevent this.

Corneal Haze

This can occur as a part of the normal healing process after LASEK treatment and gradually settles by 3 to 6 months. The haze is usually unnoticeable to the patient but will be detected when examined with a microscope at your post-operative visits.  There is very little chance of experiencing haze with LASIK.   Corneal Haze is a potential Laser Eye Surgery Risk to be aware of.


Often the eye initially over corrects with LASEK treatment and has a tendency to reduce in effect in early weeks.  This over-correction usually resolves by the first month and is less prominent with LASIK.

Under-reaction or Regression

This is related to the corneal healing process and is more common with people who require greater amounts of correction.  Should the amount of myopia or hyperopia remaining be of sufficient concern, the eye may be re-treated. Be aware of this Laser Eye Surgery Risk if you have greater amount of correction needed.

Flap Imperfections

Very occasionally it may not be possible to complete the LASIK procedure because the corneal flap is imperfect.  In that case, the corneal flap is replaced in the normal manner, the eye is allowed to heal for 3 or more months.  The vision is usually the same as the pre-operative vision.  The eye is assessed after healing and the treatment may be carried out at that time.  Although a occasional Laser Eye Surgery Risk it is still important to have all the information before you undertake your Laser Eye Surgery.

Optyco believe in providing customers will the optimum service this includes pointing out all the potential Laser Eye Surgery Risks.

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