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Technolas 217z 100 Excimer laser uses 3d iris recognition eye tracking system for Laser Eye Surgery
Technolas 217z 100 Excimer laser.
At Optyco Laser Eye Surgery Leicester we use this market-leading flying spot laser.  It uses a 3-dimensional iris recognition eye tracking system, which is fast and efficient.  This is great for visual outcomes and unrivalled safety. For your Laser Eye Surgery Leicester. Read more.[/one_half]

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Each member of our eye surgery team is a highly trained, caring individual. We take your treatment very seriously and are proud to say that our attention to your needs, medical or emotional, will be second to none. Read more.

Free Impartial Advice

At your first consultation for Laser Eye Surgery Leicester we will give you free impartial advice on the benefits and risks of laser eye surgery.  This can be what method i.e laser eye surgery procedure and laser eye surgery treatment is best for your individual eyes.

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If you decide that laser eye surgery is right for you, we will discuss the options of both LASIK or LASEK procedures.  We will then give you advice based on our thorough examination of your eyes.  At our Laser Eye Surgery Leicester we take into consideration of your lifestyle and personal circumstances.  Each patient is different and we tailor our procedures to each individual.  Our laser eye surgery treatments are based on your specific requirements and we will advise you of all potential laser eye surgery risks.

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A personal file that stores your unique digital ‘map’ of each iris.


LASIK eye surgery involves creating a protective flap on the tissue.  Whereas LASEK surgery involves loosening the tissue with a medical solution and then carefully moving it to the side for the laser part of the laser eye surgery procedure. Read more.

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